Congregation Pilsener


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Clean, dry, hint of citrus

ABV: 4.7%,

IBU: 26.5

Colour: Pale Gold

Clarity: ClearMalts:

Pilsen Malt, Carafoam, Acidulated

Hops: Magnum, Hallertau Mittelfruh, Saphir

Yeast: German Lager

This light golden lager boasts light breadiness with an accessible lemon and herbal hop character. The flavour is balanced with a smooth malt, crisp bitterness that finishes dry and clean.

Chicken Wings, Fish & Chips, Burgers.

The 19th century held many innovations and improvements to the quality of beer making in Europe, including the malting process to create a lighter pale malt that became the base for the golden colored beer. Brewers in Bavaria were using a bottom fermenting lager yeast at the time and a brewer brought those techniques to Pilsen and the Bohemian Pilsner was born. With the growth of the railroads in Europe and refrigeration, the popularity of this pale golden lager made its way to the brewers of Northern Germany. The northern water source had higher sulfate levels than the water in Pilsen creating a distinctly different pilsener beer - lighter in colour, dryer, and slightly more bitter beer. The pilsener has easily become one of if not the most iconic beer style in the world.

a Perfect Collection Plate

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Southern Chicken Sandwich

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Hot Chicken Wings

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