St. Nicholas Belgian Blonde Ale

Belgian Blonde

Given to Fly


Bready, citrus, dry

ABV: 6.9%

IBU: 20

Colour: Gold

Clarity: Clear

Malt: Pilsen Malt & Mumich Dark Malt

Hops: Magnum & Mittelfruh

Yeast: Belgian Strong Ale

Saint Nicholas Belgian Blonde is a refrshing, traditional style Belgian Ale. Balanced in subtle bready malt notes of dried fruit, backed by a light body and palatable bitterness.

Burgers, Wings, Tuna Poke, Caprese Sandwich, Autumnal pies.

Relatively recent development to further appeal to European Pilenser drinkers, becoming more popular as it is heavily marketed and widely distributed.

a Perfect Collection Plate

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